Accidents in Abu Dhabi

6 June 2016

Accidents can take place anytime anywhere in the world. Most of the accidents result in the death of some people. This paper briefly explains accidents in general and accidents in Abu Dhabi in particular

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Accidents in Abu Dhabi
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An accident is an unexpected thing. It can occur anytime anywhere unintentionally due to unintended external action. Examples of accidents include road accidents, fire accidents unintended collisions or falls, being injured by touching something sharp, hot, or electrical, or ingesting poison. Accidents always bring negative results like injuries, and death of human beings and also it can destroy immense amount of wealth as well. Most of the accidents are occurred due to the negligence from the part of some people. In some cases the accidents could have been avoided if the authorities were able to perform their duties.

For example, most of the road accidents are caused by the negligence of the drivers or the pedestrians. If the authorities were able to implement the laws strictly, many accidents could have been avoided. Over speed is one of the major factors of the road accidents. If the laws were strictly enforced, such accidents could have been reduced in number.

In most cases of the accidents, innocent people were the victims. The culprits may be escaped. For example in some road accidents the vehicles may run over the crossing pedestrians. The culprit driver may be escaped in this case while the innocent people may be killed. The culprit driver might have been driven the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or he might have been slept while driving. In any case the accidents may often bring unexpected results; either injuries and death or destruction of property or wealth.

Accidents in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi accidents are mostly related to road accidents. The huge number of vehicles in the road made it almost impossible for the smooth functioning of the transport system in Abu Dhabi. Most of the roads are always filled with vehicles especially in the morning and evening times. Even though traffic control police were always on duty, the huge number of vehicles made their task almost ineffective. “Early this morning on the highway that connects Abu Dhabi and Dubai, around 200 cars were involved in a mass traffic accident that has reportedly left six people dead and hundreds injured.

Weather conditions were a factor in the accident, as a thick morning fog apparently reduced vision, which led to motorists driving full speed into the pile up one after another (Neff, March 11, 2008) Weather conditions like natural causes also is a major cause for accidents in UAE roads. The extreme foggy conditions especially during morning times may make the driving impossible. Only the inexperienced drivers will take the risk of driving in these conditions and will cause accidents.

Apart from road accidents, construction site accidents are also common in Abu Dhabi. Lots of construction works and real estate developments are going on in UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Unskilled workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka like countries are working in the real estate sector and hence most of the victims are from these countries.   Fire accidents are other common accidents in Abu Dhabi. Warehouses and industrial units are mostly affected by the fire accidents. Most of the fire accidents are as a result of negligence or electric short circuit.


Accidents are common everywhere in the world. Most of the accidents happen unexpectedly. Abu Dhabi is also not an exception. Here the common accidents are road accidents, construction site accidents and fire accidents.


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