Case Summary

The present case is about BBR, a multinational electronics corporation with the headquarter in Los Angeles and a second overseas headquarter in the UK. BBR is known for offering technically new advanced products, especially for their lightweight and relatively cheap radar systems. BBR’s CEO Paul Lizfeld plans to establish a new subsidiary in Israel although he knows it can become difficult because the threat of war constantly hung over Israel and the country was suffering from high inflation rates and troubled economies.

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For the selecting and hiring process of a manager Lizfeld tasks John Connors, Vice President of Human resources in the US and Francis O’Leary, Vice President of Human Resources in the UK. Both notice that they have to chose the candidates carefully, as Lizfeld wants to have the right man and he doesn’t want to replace him in the nearly future. Also the manager should be from the home country, so either from the states or the UK. So Connors and O’Leary started to look for suitable employees, internal but also external. They faced problems in finding a suitable person because not everyone is willing to relocate in Israel as candidates have been worried about the increasing living standard costs and the political situation.

Connor who worked for BBR the last 20 years first defined the task for himself and listed up the selection criteria. The future manager should be having an engineering background, he should be able to work together with the Israeli government but also getting along with Lizfeld as he will report regularly to him. In addition the candidate should have cultural empathy, a strong sense of politics, language ability, organizational abilities, and persuasiveness, ability to make decision, resourcefulness, flexibility and an adaptive and supportive family. Connor choosed three candidates who all had good characteristics but no one could fulfill all requirements. The first candidate was recommended because of his thirty-five years of electronics and radar experience. He had the necessary individual characteristics, studied in Israel and so he spoke fluent Hebrew. But Connor was worried that he wouldn’t stay with the company for a long time but more likely running his own show which could cause problems with Lizfeld. The second candidate was Robert Kyle, the Vice President of BRB ‘s radarelectronics department.

He had also the technical expertise and moreover international experience in running two other international divisions for BRB but Connor was afraid of his cultural acceptance as he was not familiar with the country and language. The last candidate was an Israeli women who assist the head of electronics of Yassar Aircraft and brought Israeli thoroughness and assertiveness to the company in the states. There over she had international experience. Her weaknesses were that she was quite young, a lack of technical expertise and the fact that she was a woman.

O’Leary who was looking for a suitable manager from the UK is an excellent person in recruiting and hiring innovative employees. He’s been several times successful by finding really good employees, also in hiring innovators from Israel. His recruiting for management positions were concentrated in internal promotion, but he decided if he couldn’t find a suitable employee within the organization, he would, like he usually does, take the Newspaper as his primary source of candidates. His first candidate was Michael Flack who worked for BRB for more than nineteen years. He brought a good expertise, but was more reputed as a tinkerer, so that he sometimes forgot about his administrative responsibilities.

The second candidate was in O’Leary’s opinion the perfect candidate: he was currently vice-president of engineering at Eltra Electronics in Israel, had spent his career in different Israeli companies and was a strong-willed person. The only problem was that he had no international business experience and it could be a problem for him to follow Lizfield’s wish to inject western culture through his active management plan. The third candidate responded to the ad O’Leary published in “The times”. He was an English citizen of Jewish faith and brought the required expertise.

His background in engineering and administrative functions coupled with his language skills mad him to a strong candidate. But the fact that his mother, who would loved to live in Israel, created doubts for O’Leary. He was worried about what would happen if his mother will pass away and whether he still would stay in Israel. Both managers noticed that the decision finding the perfect manager would be a hard one. All candidates had really good skills, but no person could fulfill all requirements.

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